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Digoo SB-XYA Full HD 1080P Bluetooth and WIFI Video Doorbell

The body itself is good and feels sturdy until you press the ring button. It doesn’t have any haptic feedback, you don’t know if you press the button or if you have to press it more. The sound respond to press is sometimes delayed few seconds and you press it again and again…

Digoo SB-XYA press button

The software is also not the win, it’s really slow and i have only 50% chance that the doorbell is online. Sometime i tried press the doorbell and nothing happens, none notice or information about ringing. Sometime i get few minutes later info that i miss the ring.

The next thing is PIR motion sensor and it’s usability. The dorbell is wake up when you move ahead but there is no notification or record of activity.

Digoo SB-XYA PIR in button

My 10 years old fashion wired door ring works better.

Digoo SB-XYA board

It’s nice try but bad software and tough button pull down the doorbell to be just the paper weight. I have to wait to better software (now i have 1.0.4 firmware).

  • internal standard Li-Pol battery
  • PIR sensor
  • video in full HD
  • stable WiFi connection
  • night vision
  • terrible mobile app
  • ring delay (long wake-up, communication over chines server)
  • no direct connection to mobile or another device
  • bell button

Don’t buy it now until the software will be usable!!!

EDIT 2018-12-12: I recommend to buy indoor bell receiver Digoo DG-ZTA or combo with transmitter. It’s almost essential device, the ring star ringing immediately after the bell button is pressed and i can go to the door or pick the phone and check the video(if app can connect to video bell meanwhile). The indoor bell receiver/transmitter is connect via RF 433MHz and doesn’t go over WiFi and chines servers. The video doorbell is usable now but the cons still remain.